Denny Christensen
All his life, Denny Christensen has looked up to leaders who serve others. Because of this, he has made it his work to drastically improve the lives of those he comes in contact with. This passion has taken him many places and has provided him opportunities to positively impact people!

Because of this dedication, early in life Denny established his own insurance and financial services agency. Here he served his clients needs for over a decade.

At the time, he saw it as an incredibly effective tool to not only help people get the coverage they needed to protect their possessions, homes, and way of life, but to also help guide them through securing their financial future. His customers appreciated his willingness to work with them, no matter where they were at in terms of insurance and finances. He also facilitated a financial group at his church, guiding others through a program to lead them on a path to be debt free and live a life of financial peace.

He firmly believes that the best communication happens in two steps…

  1. First, by taking the time to listen and understand their needs
  2. Second, talking TO people, not OVER them. He easily breaks down things to a level of mutual understanding.

Denny has been able to help countless people in his community achieve their goals. Keeping with this line of thinking, Denny got into the real estate industry as a means to allow him to serve others in multiple capacities. “I see real estate as a tool I can utilize for my passion of serving people. I get excited about building relationships with people and being a part of their story.” It simply gives him the most joy.

Denny currently resides in Puyallup and has been in the South Sound Area his whole life. He absolutely loves the area and the lifestyle it affords. He enjoys spending quality time with his 8 year old son, Landen, and his daughter Samantha who is 23. Samantha is married, busy with college and pursuing her passion to be a teacher, but they stay very close and enjoy spending their quality time just chatting. Landen on the other hand, being 8, loves to go camping, fishing, and hiking in the great outdoors with Dad. Along with them is Denny’s young boxer, Rexx, that is very mischievous and keeps the energy up.  

Denny has found that his Real Estate career has really opened doors, allowing him to pursue opportunities to serve in different capacities and give back to his community.

He’s involved with Team Challenge, a local destination race group that runs half / full marathons and competes in triathlons to support the mission of the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation. This raises raising money and creates awareness. Denny also has a passion for physical fitness and really enjoys working with our younger generation. Recently he partnered with a local Non-Profit Ministry called Reality Sports, that shares life-changing messages and offers specialized sports training and fitness programs for kids age 5 to 18. Denny is privileged with the opportunity to assist in leading the youth through fitness and strength and conditioning classes.

Denny looks forward to sharing how he can serve you in the buying or selling process.